Wednesday, June 22, 2011

String day 3

Just as I was finishing stringing today I saw the cops stopped by the side of the road. I stuffed the large spool of blue string (courtesy of my friend Megan) into my back pocket, tried to hide it by pulling my t-shirt over it. As I approached, one plain clothes cop, black fellow, badge on his belt, called me over. Shit. He asks, "You know about the berries people pick along here?" Me, "The mullberries?" He nods, "You seen a homeless black guy, about 40 years old, around here?" "No." Another cop, thin, dark-haired woman in uniform, was taking pictures in the rubble on the far side of the road. I have no idea, didn't ask. As I walked away the cop must have seen the spool in my back pocket, bigger thoughts in mind.

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