Wednesday, January 20, 2010



A Bra Burning

When Freud painted “Envy,” the women collapsed, holding fans to their faces. Hot that year, they retired to the Tyrols.

50 Days of Palindromes

Although Thiebaud painted cakes like women, Hopper went the other way. That’s what’s fun, and confusing, about Pop.

Rumor Control

Johns as a boy liked to burn candles in his bedroom, until he caught his bed clothes on fire. His friend “R.R.” liked to sleep around.

The Greek

You really have to go back to Italy CA 1560 to see good manners. Still the word thug was thrown about, not surprising with a name like that.


Linda Campbell Franklin said...

Whoo hoo, bud. cakes and ale...wish we were imbibing. She went out and tricked the dogs. They thought, Any minute now, the Park, the Gravel, Relieving Ourselves. She drove home in a hurry and forgot the milk.

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