Friday, February 20, 2009

My microfiction is now on sale

Check the sidebar of this blog. This is no joke. In today's economy, no one is joking. Yes they are.


Adam R. said...

If you used Paypal, and you would sell me a nicely printed and framed (thrift store frame is okay) microfiction, I would buy one for $111.

Adam R. said...

I know what it would be, too. It would be the 40 hinges one. But I wish it had a title. Would you title it?

christine said...


Linda Campbell Franklin said...

A hunnert dollars! a hunnert? I got all the way to Paypal's last commandment...'n' it said:
"She agreed. A hunnert dollars
for the old bone he threw into the
bushes. Her dog, Spotty, wanted a
bone, but the gristle clinging to this one,
and the dead slug, cancelled the
warranty, and she didn't agree anymore. 'Sorry, Spotty; we can't leave any feedback.'"