Tuesday, July 17, 2007


How many haircuts do you think have killed people? I don’t understand the question. Haircuts have killed people? Yeah, that's what I'm saying. How many people do you think have been killed by getting their hair cut? What a silly question. Nobody's been killed. Not one person. And if you say somebody has, anybody, you're wrong. Nope. Thirty-four. Thirty-four recorded in the hospital records. Who knows how many else? It's so stupid. People don't die from haircuts. Or from love, or heartbreak. Yep, thirty-four. Strength is in the hair. People waste away, old ladies, young children. Be careful, dear. The world is so odd.


Anonymous said...

The world is so very odd.
I love your work.
I just discovered your blog today and I'm inhaling your words like I've been starving.
I'm on the verge of tears at my desk.
Thank you for being the beauty in my day.


Joseph Young said...

Thanks, Rebecca! How nice of you to comment.