Friday, May 18, 2007

4 old stories (about working)

Cape Cod

He painted houses for a living, blue, white, yellow, whatever the customer wanted. He was able to afford to send both kids to college. In state.


He drove a city bus for 10 years. One day he pulled to the curb in front of the art museum and got out. He called it, Oh Well.

Glass Ceilings

His boss wanted the 1300 page report, tomorrow. Here you go, he said. You're fucking kidding me, she answered.


He created the world, people, some such thousand years ago. The upkeep was minimal. As long as they brought their own drama.


Michael said...
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Michael said...

I like these. Cape Cod is my favorite. I love the line "In state."
Well done, Joe. (I deleted that earlier comment because I can't spell very well sometimes and because occasionally I catch it.)

Joseph Young said...

thanks, Mike. nice meeting you the other night (you are that Mike?)